If You Could See Me Now


Pineapple lumps.

First day of study leave today.. And i think I ate a ton of these guys!
I also got two tee shirts, from America, in the post today! :D
I have my first of 3 exams tomorrow; Media Studies.
To be honest I didn't really have a productive day of study.. But I will try harder tomorrow! That's a promise!
It has been sunny, snowy and hailing today.. A bit of an unusal combination, well not really but you know..
I am totally addicted to that song by Marc Cohn, Walking in Memphis. The piano is really cool!
Have no idea if I should take my camera to exams tomorrow so i can photograph things to and from while i'm walking.. Grr..
Have a good night everyone, I'm cooking Chicken Tika Masala for tea tonight, wanna come?? :P

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