By tolu

Shoot for the stars!

Yesterday Kai and I went to a favourite Oxfam shop for a mooch. It has a large toys and children's books section where Kai usually amuses himself while I look at the books and pick up fair trade goods.

Yesterday however, they had a selection of cameras for sale, mostly small instant film camera. Kai spied this one and instantly claimed it as his. He wouldn't be convinced that he would prefer one of the small ones! To my knowledge he has never seen an SLR but he knew this was a camera and that it was his!

I don't think he had ever been quite so excited or possessive about a new purchase!

Back home I taught him how to handle it carefully and he was entranced by the movement of the lens! He was very sad not to be allowed to take it to nursery today!

And a Kai-ism that made me smile...

Me: yawn!
Kai: 'are you tired mummy?'
Me: 'yes Kai'
Kai: 'do you need a space rocket?'
Me: ???

It seems my little boy thinks big!


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