a year in my life.

By katiehoyes

lucky sixpence.

I've been given some old coins by my granny, most of which are old 2p coins but among them was this.

I have a lucky sixpence on my car keys but that was bought from a shop and is a lot newer than this one.

Things like this appeal to my inner geek..I'm by no means a coin collector or anything, but I love this one. It's so weird thinking how long it's been around for, and how many hands it has passed through and now it belongs to me. It has Queen Victoria on the other side, but has been minted upside down. I assumed this meant that it was counterfeit, as is the case with newer coins where the 'heads' and 'tails' don't match up correctly but apparently this was the case with some coins then.

Similar ones are selling for £100 on ebay, and ones from a few years earlier can make £300. Not bad for a sixpence..

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