Christmas Tree For Beginners

Actually it is part of the Araucaria by the terrace doors. I like the structure of plants a lot and am looking forward to watching them develop through spring. Every year I enjoy it.

I think I'm going to try writing 2 sentences in German with my Blip from now on. This is an iffy thing on my part as I make so many mistakes and I find making mistakes hideously embarassing. However, I think I can do it and so if you'll bear with me, I'd like to try. As they say here "Übung macht den Meister." Which I think translates as "Practise makes perfect". It's not a 1:1 translation but I've learnt that sometimes there isn't one.

Nothing like a bit of pressure to send my entire German vocabulary right out my head. Tune in tomorrow to see how I've made the language my own.

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