Walked to uni with a crate (Rosie helped me)... You would have thought Winchester people would be used to the art students by now. They aren't. Weird looks to the max.

Then I set up my 'piece' in the foyer at uni. One side of the crate was free prints the other side was prints that were signed and you had to give a donation. It's all to do with value... In an arty way. I thought I would maybe get about £2 donations. Yeah, I made £11, who said students are poor?

I know this photo is a bit blurry but look at her face. She is oober excited about getting a print.

I then did a bit of reading, photocopying, towning, chip eating, meeting going, money collecting. I was all set to go home and do work and I bumped in Lyds, we ended up chatting in the canteen for 2 and a half hours.

I still havn't done any work. I came upstairs to do work and then I just ended up playing guitar. Why am I so undisciplined?

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