Are you okay? I think so. Are you?

Mehitabel and Duma are back from their annual check up at the vets. They don't much like going. Duma hides under the towel we put in his travel box and pretends he isn't there. Of course that doesn't work. Mehitabel is more curious than her brother and keeps her head out of the towel. She looks all around her to see what is going on. They both had their rabies shot and we had them microchipped. Even thought they are indoor only cats, we decided it was smart to identify them in case they ever got out by mistake. Unfortunately Duma's heart murmer was class 4 today, right where it was when we started to give him meds two years ago. We may get him tested by a veterinary cardiologist or get another ultra sound to see how his heart is doing. But today it was so busy at the vet's office we just got the usual stuff done. I even forgot to pick up the fish oil to add to his food and the CoQ10. Will go back in a couple of days to get those meds. Mehitabel is in the peak of health. So glad about that.

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