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By LovePopcorn

Salt and Pepper

Today it was blustery and raining. When it rains, I just have to bake something in the oven. I made cornbread from scratch and also my DH 4th generation gingerbread cake.
I was reminded that we have this "odd couple" non-matching salt and pepper, which led to this blip.

The glass Salt Shaker belonged to my late M-I-L. It resides in the spice cabinet because I rarely salt foods when I cook; preferring spices for flavoring, it's easier to clean than the wooden containers and DH can easily see when the salt level is getting low.

The Pepper Mill (with matching wooden salt shaker) was a gift from my bridesmaid Donna. It sits on the shelf right next to the stove. The negative in having the mill so close to the stove is you have to scrape off spatter periodically (hence the scraped looking surface.)

I couldn't call these antiques, but they certainly have seen many years of use.
...and that was Today's Views. Good Night.

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