live and love your life

By Chocolatelover

Climbing high..

to reach 730 blips. Finally i made it.. woot woot! but i made it with so many gaps :)) i salute to you who reach 2 years or more without gaps..

I can't believe i still here on blipland and reach my 2 years of blipping. this site is so awesome, everytime i have a time and chance, i always travel from 1 country to other countries through your blips. it has been great years, through some moments in my life, sad and happy moments, like i finished my thesis, graduated from my campus, got job and work and many more. and for the second time, i got a free membership here on blip, and i got chocolate from place that far far away. even i made a blipmeet international via skype, you can see my ayear ago photo, can you recognize her? :) do you guys have skype account btw? :))
oooohh how wonderful this site. thank you so much to Joe and team. and thank you so much to everyone who looks at my images and leaves nice comments. you are all awesome! Terima kasih! A big thank you from Sunny and crowded city, Jakarta - Indonesia :)

Semoga hari anda menyenangkan! Have a nice day!


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