I had to go to one of the schools early this morning to interview some new Chinese teachers. ON the way back, I spotted this huge machine demolishing an old building. The guy working the machine was REALLY good at it.. I watched as he worked his way around the shell of the building and made sure everything was falling inwards. Good thing too. You can see how close to the road this was all happening. People were allowed to walk past, and they didn't even close one lane of traffic. I did go to that side of the street, but thought better of it. I was happy to have the distance between me and the destruction.

I have to admit. Part of me stayed there just in case I got a picture of a bus being crushed (with no injuries of course) or a car being side swiped by rolling rubble. No such 'luck'.

This is one of those pics that definately better viewed in large to get the details.

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