Doing Things Differently

By PhilWWalton

Many, Many Apologies......

I'm sorry that this is a tatty, distant, record shot.

I am so sorry that it is a picture of a gull, because I know most of you couldn't care less about gulls.

Also, I must apologise profusely that it is even a picture of a gull that doesn't really stand out from all the others. (It's the one flying with white wings and a very black head, right of centre of the picture, if you are even vaguely interested.)

Additionally, I am both ashamed and mortified that I can not spell Meditt Meditera Mediterrani Mediterranean without several goes at it.

But most of all, I must say sorry to Lawrie because (including the Little Owl that I also saw today) this gull takes me to 102 Patch Ticks for the Year to Date. And my BCWL now stands at +4...........

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