Tonio's Arresting Eyes

I got into a bit of trouble for shooting this one. We all did. We are not to be shooting on the sidelines while others are using the flash. Even if we don't get underfoot , or make a sound or distract anyone. It's just not done. Which is a bit tricky for a room full of photographers. I am not sure I see the sense in that rule. I am also not sure I will be able to follow it. Especially when the model is making such deep and meaningful eye contact. This was taken while he was sitting under the softbox. No flash was fired. I still haven't quite got my head around the flash yet. It hasn't clicked at all.

I hadn't noticed quite how much Tonio looks like a silent film star. Maybe it was all the scenes from the The Artist played at the Oscar's that makes me think so. I have asked him to shave for the next class. I want to try something a bit more elegant next time.

I am not very good about being told off.

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