By wingpig

viva insolation

Oh what a beautiful morning
Oh what a beautiful day
I've got a sense of pessimistic foreboding
Something's going to fuck up and cause loads of extra work and checking and double-checking and so on at some point today, probably just before lunchtime.

Cheers to TFP for constructing the desk toy proposed during Tuesday's work-related whinging. It was not required today; my colleagues instead employed the age-old technique of asking loads of questions about previously-supplied data which quite effectively blocked the production of any more and meant that anything I've produced today is quite likely to be utter shite given the huge amount of distraction and trains-of-thought-breakage.

Still. Friday. Whooo.

It was still slightly sunny by the time I got outside for a mere ten-minute walk at lunchtime. Didn't take any pictures of it although the temptation to photograph people who think it is in any way a sensible use of their day to sit on a bench on Atholl Crescent smelling of booze and making unintelligible gargling noises at each other in place of intelligible speech is overwhelming at times. It's probably not worth the hassle in case they notice and give chase; the trainers I was wearing dig into my heels if I try and run too far in them.

And now... a walk of purpose to the Sheep's Heid to listen to an entirely different set of work-related Fridaycomplaint. With a few picture-breaks along the way.

Have a lovely weekend.

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