By Elroyofderovers

Not it isn't Sunday

So Wife back to Uni today and Lad back to school. Never heard a peep out of them all day. Then from 4:00 onwards it was text, text, text. Lad still not well so chilling in the house tonight, fathers orders. Wife was actually sick at lunch time. So light dinner and chilling in the house for her. So that left me to sort dinner, get down to Recharge to get some forms completed and then off to the Colts to help out with training again (regular Tuesday night activity the last few weeks. Really enjoying it).

Got home to another Ironing Mountain. I know, it isn't even Sunday. Not sure where this came from. So everyone went to bed and I got stuck in whilst catching up on a few Sky+ programmes (Walking Dead, Blue Bloods).

Scored 80% from yesterdays module submission. Pretty pleased with that. Will get started on the next module tomorrow (we need to take photo's for this one, the last one was all theory and scenarios). Guess what I will be using for Blips going forward!

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