Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos


I would like to thankDaveyTrain for his blip yesterday of the sunrise because it inspired me to get up early and go looking again. It was lovely out this morning at Merewether Beach. I had given up on sunrise and sunsets because intense rain has been forecast over the last few days with a waterlogged March to come. We have had lots of clouds around but they are like unwanted relatives after a long Christmas lunch - all promises of a clean up and no action. So while we have had clouds, there has been no rain here although there has been flooding out west and down south. The ark will keep for another day.

I called this footprints because despite me standing about 2 metres from the water's edge with camera on tripod clicking away, a jogger ran right in front of me leaving those footprints. There was a whole beach behind me. I am probably being silly about this but it annoyed me. Maybe because this is the second time someone has walked/jogged into my photo. Here endeth the whinge

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