All Around My Life

By TMLHereAndThere

FINALLY got some things done....

Have been worrying for the past week that I needed to pay the insurances, and this morning I managed to get into Richmond and do it, which was a huge load off my mind. Also managed a trip to the Recycling Transfer Station with all the plastic, glass and paper, so the pantry looks much less cluttered and I have significantly reduced the risk of falling over on a bottle and doing untold injury to myself. I really MUST go to the Council and get a recycling bin. Then I'll have to learn which goods are collected for recycling on which alternate weeks..... it's all very good and desirable being green, but really it does complicate life, amazingly it was actually easier in Bahrain!

On the way back, I called in to Tasman Bay Chiropractic to make an appointment with the chiropractor for tomorrow. I simply cannot go on like this, waking up every morning with a severe crick in my neck giving me an excruciating headache - it's so debilitating. I dread going to bed now because every time I lie down, which inevitably puts pressure on my skull, it happens.

In other exciting news, Immy returned to school today and I washed the sheets and got them dry on the line. Small steps!! This afternoon at around 5.30pm it seemed fine and sunny, albeit quite breezy, so I dragged Immy away from her computer and announced that we were going for a walk along the Maitai River. She seemed quite amenable to the idea, even though as soon as we reached Miller's Acre, the starting point for the walk, the sun disappeared. It was a very pleasant walk though, along the Maitai Walkway, through The Wood area. We passed some lovely homes with garden steps leading down to the river; several deep swimming holes with rope swings hanging beguilingly over the greeny depths; ducks and other waterfowl quacking and swimming around and the occasional Pied Shag sitting in a tree.

We walked for about an hour and finished up back at the car, then drove a short distance up to Bridge St where we called in to Akbabas Turkish Restaurant to pick up some kebabs. As we sat waiting for them in the small restaurant redolent of falafels looking at the posters advertising 'Turkiye', listening to the Turkish music and watching the two young Kiwi Turks serving their clientele, Immy commented "It's quite homely here, isn't it?" and I knew exactly what she meant. She meant 'homely' in a Middle Eastern sort of way - in other words, familiar. She has grown up in a country where evenings smell of grilling shawarma, shisha smoke and exhaust fumes (the tear gas was a very recent phenomenon!) and sound like prayer calls, traffic noise and thumping Arabic music. Akbabas is about as close as it gets in Nelson, though the traffic is significantly thinner on the ground!

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