Punk Rock Zoologist

By CaptVickHartnel

Golf course beetle.

Just a quick one for today. Found this little beetle today buzzing lazily around in the park while walking the faithful hound. It was quite striking-looking in flight, with it's bright orange abdomen. I'm pretty sure this is the species my Dad has seen buzzing around the local golf course, which he was asking me to identify if I saw one. Well it's obviously a coleopteran (beetle). I'll do some more research and find out more.
Seen a couple of animal species around recently that I haven't seen much of before. I tried to get a photo of some birds I saw today too. They're clearly corvids, related to crows, magpies and jays, and they look a lot like magpies only with more black coloring, smaller bodies and longer tails. Again, more research will reveal more.

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