From where i stand!!!

By Dancingninja

Dying daff!!!

My lovely minature daffs are slowly dying off, but firstly I think they're still quite pretty in their dying moments and secondly I'm not that sad cause new ones are replacing them!!!! Yes I am very fickle Mrs withers!!

Went for a run this morning a little grey but was cheered up by having a big slobbery kiss given to me by a golden retriever who came bounding up behind me, whilst i was tying my shoe lace, I think he thought look at all that sweat running down her face, if i sneak her a big lick, no one can do anything about it!!!! Anyways very pleased he was with himself as he ran off with a big grin on his face and an embarrassed owner who was shouting at him to come back from a distance, I was left with slobber and a smile!! Nice to know I still have it even if it was a dog!!!!

:) x

Thanks for all your stars, hearts and as always lovely comments on yesterday's blip xxx

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