There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

All Aboard the Leap Year Day Trolley!

Today is Leap Year Day! It is a magical, made-up day; so special that it only occurs once every four years.

On Leap Year Day, we are allowed to break the rules.

Via a tradition called "ladies' privilege," a woman can ask for a man's hand in marriage on this day.

There is no tradition or legend to support it, but I believe that this made-up day also frees us from the normal rules of living (and responsibility, and obligation) and allows us to have an unplanned bit of adventure on this day.

This group of creatures - several bears, one giraffe, (at the front) one very mild-mannered little lion, (up on top) two tiny green crittergators, and (way on top) quite a nice assortment of very friendly and colorful bugs - is taking the bright red Leap Year Day Trolley to adventure.

Anywhere we can think up, we can click our fingers and be there in an instant. I'm up for an adventure today! How about you? And where would you like to go?

All aboard!!!!!!

P.S. Several of these creatures have appeared in prior blips. The tiny green critters (whom I've started calling crittergators) appear in quite a few. The bears (including the ever-so-slightly-worried lavender bear, Lacey) so far have only appeared once before here.

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