Waterfoot Sunrise

By alasdairb

Smoky Mountain

Its been one of those kind of days that flies in without many real opportunities for a blip. Fortunately I had me wee camera with me on my morning run and rattled off a few blips of Arran from the bay. I was attracted to it by the clouds rolling off Beinn Bharrain, which made it look as if it was on fire with smoke drifting off to the south. It took a fair bit of cropping and tweaking to get the effect I was after, but I think it reflects the scene my eye was drawn to.

This is the view I have as I run east along the beach and, weather permitting, I always take time to check out the mountains to see what mood they are in. Some days the tops are full of pinks and purples from the early morning sun and on others they are dark and sombre looking. What is certain, no two days are ever exactly the same!

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