What a rascal!

It seems that yesterday's optimism was a bit premature as my stomach is still misbehaving. Pete and I had planned a special walk for Leap Day, but I didn't feel I was up to a six mile ramble in open countryside with no facilities, so we've postponed it till I feel better.

Despite not feeling 100% I managed to put the second coat of paint on the kitchen ceiling, which now looks dazzlingly white! And we bought some tiles and other necessary bits and pieces, so I can gradually make progress when I'm feeling up to it.

By late afternoon I felt brave enough to take the dogs for a local walk along the river. Eastern England has once again been enveloped in low grey cloud and the light was appalling. But I was pleased to see the first few cherry-plum blossoms and to hear many more birds singing, including a most beautiful song thrush.

As I was heading back I spotted this fat wood pigeon,tucking into the cherry-plum buds - now we know who to blame if there's a shortage of blossom!!

PS Sorry for the almost total lack of comments.Hopefully I'll catch up a bit when I feel better.

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