The Blood Lily

Today we went for a drive over to the Dallington area of Christchurch, where the Avon river runs through. My father in law lived there when he was alive. It was a beautiful area to live in with the river and its trees, but now it has a river which was very swollen today, (bad weather last night)but the banks have all collapsed and they have been built up with gravel, and the houses lined up along the river are all slumped into the ground, that you could easily touch their eaves . Trees have died with being drowned in water.
My father in law's house no longer exists. In its day it was the prize one in the street,
So disheartening for the people in that area.
I did take some photos but it did not show the full story so my flower has won out for the day.
This is yesterdays flower, but the base of it.
I have 12 more days to go and I will have completed 2 years - then I may have a break - I think!!!!
PS - I see this time last year was the picture of the same flower - two in full

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