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By LovePopcorn

Watercolour at the Benjamin Library

The Wed. and Thu. classes met today at the library with their artwork framed and ready to be hung. We start by grouping like categories together (ie: florals with florals, landscapes, portraits, animals, abstracts and non-representational) then lining them up on the edge of the wall they upon which they will be hung.
Then a group of us start holding them up on the wall in arrangements to see how they look. If consensus is reached, the hammer wielder and assistant start tapping the hooks in the wall and hanging the picture frames.
It really helps if the artist has properly attached the wires and not bought one of those cheap non-wood frames with the zagged teeth hanging attachment. So many pieces have to have emergency repair service to get them in hangable condition.
I think we need to teach a class before we hold our Hang Session to instruct the newbies (and the didn't pay attention last timers) how to mat, frame and wire their art correctly.
One this wall mine is the white frame on the far left middle. That's my Fruit Trio.

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