Sharing space

An evening run today. I wanted a bit longer in bed this morning, and anyway it was wet. Lovely warm and sunny evening, just right for a gentle run. As it happens, it was the same course I did on 01 March last year. This year my photo is taken near the end of the run as I go past one corner of Nixon Park.

Not long ago this skate board park was completed, and indeed by the presence of some ribbon on the mesh panels, perhaps its still not completely finished. Finished enough for the taggers to come and "claim" it as their territory.

The young people here are sharing the space in a quiet and co-operative way. I saw no one get in anyone else's way. One larger lad, probably late teens early 20s, did three fast and complete circuits, and everyone else waited for him. He then stopped and I didn't see him go again while I was there. Fairness seems innate in these young people.

In this picture you can see that most have skateboards, and there is one lad with a scooter, and one person on a bicycle, the cross country type. Didn't see that used either while I was there.

When I talked about this to S and our two daughters, daughter C said that she recently took her two lads there with their scooters. They were a little overwhelmed it seems, and stood around. They were very politely advised what to do, and in a way looked after. There is hope for the future in these young people if they retain these attitudes. C also told us that from a park that was barely used, Nixon Park is now busy with lots of people doing lots of things, not just the skateboarding.

I am now home alone (to do reports) while the women have gone to the Ballet.

ADDITIONAL: They are home from the ballet which was great. And I meant to say, this picture is better seen large

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