By blogOmatic

This was going to be my way of surviving the maaaaaassive journey to Falmouth (alone) as my phone's headphone port ist kaputt. I ended up taking my old mp3, which it turns out is also broken so quiet times all round :P My girlfriend gave me her old mp3 today though, so I just need to get maself a sync cable ting, and I'll be good to go :)
Got an offer from Falmouth too, speedy service, 220 UCAS points, which amounts to 3 C's, now I just have to decide whether it's really where i want to go and if it is definitely worth it. I think it might be.

Le Sea
People and dog
Woman chasing dog

ohhh, and thank you to the people that have subcribed to me recently, tis helping me keep this up more seriously :)

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