How ya doin' kid

My friend Tom and I meet for chew and chat once a monthish, usually for an evening meal which tends to run on into a bit of a post-prandial refreshment session. We take it in turns to arrange where we eat. It was Tom's turn today, and he opted for lunch rather than evening meal. We ended up in Brasserie 66 in George's Street and had a really good meal there. We'd had one drink before we went there, a cocktail while we studied the menu, and a glass of wine with the meal -- and that was al! We actually parted company around 4.15, and I was back home before 6.00 ... a very short session by our usual standards, but hugely enjoyable all the same.

I bussed in to town and had enough time before we met to saunter along Grafton Street and through St Stephen's Green. The weather was dry for a change, the band stand in the Green was actually populated with musicians (I didn't have time to stop and listen to them, but it looked as if they were going to have a reasonably sized audience). Stephen's Green has a good supply of ducks which are hugely popular with the children, and flocks of seagulls tend to gather round fighting with the ducks for the bread thrown by the visitors. Today was the first time I remember seeing swans there, though.

I've been a bold blip boy lately, way behind with posting and very lax with commenting. I've back-posted now for Monday and Tuesday, and I back-posted yesterday for Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully I'll get back to normal tomorrow. It'd be nice to get back to the blip-and-post-on-the-same-day routine.

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