Englishman in Bandung

By Vodkaman


First of all, I am stunned, speechless and all tingly after reading all the comments about the conclusion of the Bandung story. You are all such good friends because you make me feel comfortable about writing this stuff.

Now that things have been explained to me and now that I know that I am not disturbing the blip format, I am sure I will write more tales from the past, I still have a few. Thankyou all for your generous support.

Back at the concrete pond today. This is becoming a regular occurrence, as they have daily competitions and it is fun. Thirty years since I fished regularly and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the sport.

I took this photo because it represents the intense concentration of the angler. He doesn't own a fishing rod yet, but I am sure he is saving hard, but just as much enjoyment is to be had from a spool of line and a hook. Must remember to take my notebook tomorrow, sorry!


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