Diana_Field Photography

By dianafieldphoto

Sadlers Wells - Double Richard Alston Show!

Amazing choreographer yaaaaaaaay I met him!!! :)

On my 3rd attempt I finally managed to meet him and all my plans of what to ask him about dance photography work experience came out totally wrong but he said it was a possibility and pointed me in the direction of how to organize it so I definitely will be trying to get that sorted wooooooo!

The company is amazing and just watching it I wanted to capture everything in an image!

I had a ticket for the evening but thought I'd get one for his student lecture just to see what it was about. It was SO interesting and nice to see him working with his dancers onstage. £8 student ticket for centre row A of the first circle - amazing! I would never normally get to sit there without paying probably £70!!! Felt so lucky sitting there!

I love 'Rainbow Bandit' - truly one of the most interesting pieces I've watched!

A great day, had a wander round London trying to take some interesting photos but failed... I'm so bored of London now having been so many times. :/ Only like going up to see shows or do workshops/classes. That is what London is about to me. :)

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