Portrait of a Young Photographer

Alexandre called to say he might be late meeting with me this morning.

Do you know what it means 'Someone has thrown themselves under a train?' he asked in his most charming French accent. Somehow he still managed to get there before me. He was sporting a rather nasty hangover after last night's birthday celebrations and seriously impressive love bite on his neck.

We met today to discuss his stranger project. I wanted to show him some of my surefire hotspots to find stranger models. Much like myself he loves to photograph fashion trends and we both really appreciate a bit of eccentricity. I took him around to the employee entrance of Selfridges, the smoking corner for the topshop employees and around the back streets of soho. I pointed out some of my favourite urban backgrounds and we talked a bit about how to approach strangers and get the best out of them in a limited amount of time. He has promised to give me a few photoshop pointers when we meet again. His enthusiasm was so inspiring.

His green eyes closer.

a few more.

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