Nic's home from Spain later this afternoon. She called me this morning. What a shame, she has come down with tonsilitis - she gets it every time she is away.

Been a bit worried as one of her friends had her drink spiked over there and ended up in hospital (she's ok). No matter how much you warn them and advise them, a bunch of 18/19 year olds will just do thier own thing... Nic's attatude is 'But if our drink is spiked, we're all there to look after each other'... But what if the 'drug' used to spike the drink had something wrong with it and killed one of them?

Anyway she's home this afternoon and although I have been worried about her, I haven't missed her (too much)... You know what I mean... THE MESS, CLOTHES DUMPED EVERYWHERE, UNWASHED DISHES, SCREAMING AT KADE, BATHROOM A MESS, TV's & LIGHTS LEFT ON ALL OVER THE HOUSE (DURING THE DAY), NOT KNOWING HOW TO LOCK THE DOOR AFTER THEM OR PUT THE CAT OUT & HE PISSES IN THE BATHROOM...

Her worst habbit is that when she goes to bed all her worn clothes get dumped outside her bedroom door... SO I LIFT THEM OPEN HER DOOR AND THROW THEM BACK IN HER ROOM... AND I MEAN THROW :))))) HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHA

Oh yeh, last of a bunch of flowers I was given - they lasted ages!

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