Northern Exposure

By Northern

Rural travel.

When one of the cars was written off a few weeks back it pushed us into the decision that we have been considering for a wee while now of going back to being a single car household. Yes two cars were convenient but sometimes one would just sit in the shed for days without moving and in the summer when lots of journeys were undertaken by bike then both of the cars were idle. It wasn't really justifying the expense.

Today was bit of a test of the practicalities. Steven needed the car and I had a meeting arranged in town. Which meant a speedy tramp down the mile and a half to the village and then a 15 to 20 minute bus trip to town.

Worked out fine. I got some exercise and made it to the bus on time. Bus driver was happy to make a request stop which meant I was very close to my destination and then a short (but rainy) walk to the meeting.

Only down side was the weather was horrible that it didn't provide an decent blippage out of the bus windows but I'm sure I'll have other opportunities.

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