Pink taxi in Kragujevac

Abandoning the bright lights of Belgrade, we made a long road trip down to the Sandzak area of Serbia, and its regional centre, Novi Pazar, which is where one finds the main minority group of Bosniaks/Muslims of Serbia. We have a series of meetings over the next few days.

The trip down here took us through Kragujevac, the fourth largest city in Serbia which is famous for being the main site where Yugo/Zastava cars are/have been produced and also for the Kragujevac massacre during the second world war when perhaps up to 5000 children and young people of school age were executed by the Germans in reprisal for partisan attacks. We visited the memorial park, and then ate lunch in a small restaurant which was showing the Djokovic v Murray tennis match. Luckily the restaurant had wifi, so in order to keep tabs on the pride of Scotland vs the pride of Serbia, I was able to use my phone in a subtle way....

It also had a railway carriage cafe which sold the largest pancakes any of us had ever seen.

We arrived in Novi Pazar to hear the muezzin welcoming us to the city.

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