One Crowded Hour

By GlassRoad

fish market

The fish market in Midland is next door to a toy shop so both junior and I were very satisfied with the morning shop.

My eye was caught by these icy beds of fresh caught parrot and chinaman fish. Just love the colours which are not as bright as when they are first caught but pretty spectacular anyway. I don't know why it is called a chinaman fish but it is possibly a type of cod??

With a long weekend ahead...and Aus is the 'land of the long weekend'.... Helena,the lovely fishmonger, said the family were off for a picnic on Monday. When I asked her if fish was on the menu she said 'Not this time, it's usually the last uneaten dish at the table!!'

Oh and I have a cloth bag of fresh, local mussels to steam with some white wine, garlic, mustard seeds, shallots and a dash of cream. Yummmo. Just need a baguette from a Roujan boulangerie to make it perfect!

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