Waterfoot Sunrise

By alasdairb

Blue Harbour

The last time I blipped Carradale Harbour back on 8 December it was blowing a gale and the shot was taken from inside the shelter of my car. Today, the weather was much improved with early morning rain abating and the clouds lifting to reveal some nice blue sky.

I had hoped to get the elusive shot of the male Eider Duck strutting its stuff on top of the water but, despite there being a couple in the harbour, I couldn't get the shot I was after. Instead, I had to settle for this shot of the boats tied up for the weekend and the piles of nets in the foreground. I quite liked the puffy clouds sitting over Arran in the background.

Its amazing how much the light has improved as the days get longer, which should provide more opportunities for faster shutter speed shots of wildlife in action.

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