Who lives in a house like this???

A very successful day! Headed off to the Mizen this morning as the sun was shining in between hail storms, taking with me a large basket of cards. The Mizen is the most south westerly point in Ireland and truly spectacular. The Mizen Vision (!!) will be opening fully from Paddy's Day on the 17th and recieves thousands of visitors. The manager took all 85 cards and asked if I had had more in my car! He told me to return after Easter and make him an offer!! He was obviously a very sharp businessman and I am a very naive and fledgling businesswoman but looks like he might be prepared to take loads at a reasonable price.

I then had a little tootle around. The waves at Barley Cove were spectacular and there were many hardy surfers out. I blipped an ancient graveyard and had a snoop around a deserted farmhouse, but this little house just caught my eye. It's on the way to Dunlough - the roads gets tinier and tinier and the houses and fields look ancient. I got out to photograph this little farm when two ferocious dogs appeared from nowhere. I leapt back in and blipped from a teeny opening in the window!

Considering it's dripping with Oscars, I'm a bit embarrassed to confess that we didn't enjoy the Artist. It was beautifully made and there were some clever ideas but I just found it very unengaging, even a bit dull and predictable. Ah well.

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