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some fun at work

this is Samson, an 11 year old Great Pyrenees that is a client at the animal clinic. He came in today for a skin condition, and ended up staying and getting a medicated bath and brushout. He was very good, and I enjoyed doing that over the lunchtime break between appointments (even though it wasn't a regular grooming day). I just had to take his picture when we were done.

Tropical storm Fay, after staying so long over the N.E. coast of Florida and deluging it with rain, is now slowly moving back across the state and will then go along the Gulf coast. This has been a strange storm, unpredictable and staying together much longer than usual. Good thing it wasn't a hurricane. We needed some rain, but some areas had very bad flooding. Here in So. East Fla. today, we just had another sky filled with odd clouds and a few scattered showers, right now at 9:00 PM having a thunderstorm.
-watching the Olympics again- the U.S. and Great Britain were both disqualified in the relay race with problems passing the baton :-(

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