Stephanie's Shots

By stephanie


Weekend. I slept in yesterday, then went to the American base with some colleagues/friends, and then home again. Today, I spent quite some time cleaning the house (it needed it!), and watched a webcast in the afternoon.

For dinner I made lasagna, a bit different than usual. Apart from the (usual) spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes, I added corn this time, and a layer of goat's cheese camembert (because I was lacking mozzarella). I was a bit doubtful beforehand about the corn, but it all tasted great together in the end. Maybe because I love corn :)

Time for an early night in. I've got some very eventful, social, busy, and interesting weeks coming up, and some big decisions to make about my future. Am flying out to the US on Friday, returning the 21st, to visit two grad schools on two sides of the country; MIT/WHOI in Boston/Woods Hole, and USC in Los Angeles.


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