Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Last Rays

This was down at the lake again with my pagoda of a Norfolk Island Pine. The sunset wasn't really very much but I had such a lovely experience. A couple of women walking their dogs apologised when they thought they had got in my way - they were not of course but it was lovely that they were aware of the camera. Then another couple came over. They were in Newcastle for a funeral but he was a keen photographer and was telling me about the trips he had been on. We chatted for quite a while. His wife kept a look out for flying swans and other potential shots.

Another fellow was also taking photos just near by. We got chatting as you do and he told me about a lagoon nearby and showed me some fantastic shots he had taken of an Osprey catching a fish. They were really good. I told him all about blip and I hope he has a look. I am definitely going to explore the lagoon.

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