One Crowded Hour

By GlassRoad

beer o'clock

In the local bottle-o today and very taken by these labels on an Aussie brew.

James Squire was definitely a likely lad, transported to Aus on the First Fleet convict ships in 1788 as a thief for stealing, amongst other 'chattels,' five hens and four cockerels.
As a freeman some four years , what a success he became as a butcher, baker, banker, possibly a candlestick maker!? and a brewer of beer running a pub The Malting Shovel. Hence the name of the brewery, Malt Shovel that brews the beer bearing his name.

The labels reflect his life.
Chancer perhaps from Chancery in London,

Four Wives..well not strictly wives..James Squire left a wife and three children in England when he was transported and then had three relationships in Sydney, New South Wales. The first two women were convicts themselves having been deported from England. He had eight more children, the youngest Francis enrolled with the British Army at the age of 15 months! and a drummer boy by age seven..just mind boggling.

Not sure about the Nine Tales but One Fifty Lashes , '"one hundred and fifty (lashes of the whip) now, and the remainder when able to bear it" was his punishment for stealing 'medicines'. This apparently a lenient punishment as by then he was brewing beer for British Army officers. The usual sentance was execution.

He died at his residence in Kissing Point aged 67.

Blimey. What a life and one can only imagine how tough it was, for the families and children in particular.
Time for a beer.

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