Butterfly Tree

One of the trees in Bath Gardens has gone to that great firewood pile in the sky.
Apparently it was deemed a hazard with its roots and was a bit rotten.
So it's gone, cut down on friday at approx 11.00 hours.
It's not gone quietly and has left behind in its stump the image of a beautiful butterfly.

On the subject of butterflies here's a story.
A German, English man and a French man were out walking when a butterfly flew past.
The Englishman exclaimed 'look at that, what a beautiful Butterfly'.
The Frenchman exclaimed 'ah, Papillon, so very beautiful'.
The German replies 'What is so amazing about the Schmetterling'.

It explains why German isn't the most beautiful language to speak or listen to.
It can though be very descriptive as their name for 'nipple' is Brustwarze which translates as 'breast wart'.

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