Life of Aidan.. and Niamh

By AidanJack

Manic Monday?

Got an email from my boss this morning to say they are considering my request of changing from 5 days to 3 days. Fingers crossed they agree as it will definitely make returning to work easier.
Not enough hours in the day today, although a visit from my mum did help. I managed to hoover out the car today. Job done - it was becoming a serious health hazard. I even managed to make a roast chicken dinner for everyone.
Aidan was out on the bike at nursery today. He is becoming much more confident now he has mastered the pedalling. We need to work on steering next - a pretty important skill, I think.
Niamh has remembered that she can scream - really loudly. Unfortunately she has been practising this all day. It is so loud and piercing, and she is encouraged when others react to it. I have been trying to ignore it. She isn't unhappy, I think she just likes making a noise.

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