finally got some much needed grocery shopping in today and it was nice to make a homemade dinner this evening. Stirfry with udon noodles, natural-raised beef, fresh garlic, cilantro, and carrots. Pretty simple but tasty and a lot leftover for my lunch tomorrow--that's just solid planning on my part.

last night ended up not being nearly as productive as I wanted needed it to be. the gorgeous weather caused one thing to lead to know how it goes. thankfully, after this week Leah and I are both on spring break.

thanks again for all the favorites, views, and comments from Leah's "behind-the-scenes" Blipday shot a couple of days ago. that was certainly one of my personal favorites in a while, too.

okay, back to it!

Edit: Check out last year's stranger portrait ------->
amazing stuff; that's what you get with a borrowed $3k rig.

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