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By DaiUrnal

Mill on the Froth

This is the toll bridge across the River Avon upstream of Bath at Bathampton Mill...

It has been such a beautiful sun-slanted Spring day that I thought I would take a walk at lunch-time. Instead of suffering the fumes of the London Road on a tramp into town or braving oxygen starvation at the top of the Little Solsbury Hill, I chose a different route.

I walked the right bank from the A46 flyover to Bathampton Mill, past the Avon Rugby Club ground, past two lounging fishermen, past a solitary tourist boat returning down river and past the archery butts to the weir at the bridge.

We need to make better use of the River Avon in Bath, not just as a highway but to provide quieter, less polluted walking and cycling into and out of the city. And not just when the weather is fine but when it's wet and muddy also. No-one wants to have to change muddy boots to visit shops, theatres, pubs and cafés.

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