Englishman in Bandung

By Vodkaman

D70 first shots

My very good friend Euphemist, who introduced me to blip, celebrated 200 blips yesterday. This meant that my 200 must be close, so I checked the stats and was shocked, it was the next day, today in fact and I had not prepared. Difficult to get enthusiastic with a crummy 640x480 pixel camera, but all that has now changed!

So, what to do! First job was to find the obligatory '200' symbol and to that end, all I could find was this coin. I included the Nikon lens cap in celebration of my new blip tool, care of DaveRI. The smiley faces all appeared while I was outside trying to get an image of the coin and were all shot within a time frame of three minutes.

The faces were just too good not to use, so I used them all. The smiles reflect my recent series of faces around where I reside and also reflect how I am feeling today, so, very relevant. Some people may consider smiley faces as a bit crass for serious photography, but I don't care, in fact, extracting a natural smile is often quite difficult as subjects tend to freeze in front of the lens. I was actually assisted by my neighbor, Beni, who was off screen taking the piss extracting the urine as I fired away, I think you can guess which face belongs to Beni!

200 blips has flown by, which tends to happen when you are having a good time. A huge thankyou to all my regular visitors, who keep my enthusiasm high with all your wonderful comments and of course to the two blipsters who have helped me out enormously with their selfless generosity.

As for the D70 - Lovin' it!

Blip on my friends!


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