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By longshanks

The Lister Surgicentre - What a Clerical Shambles

My Cataract Operation at QEII on 8th September went well, but on 24th October it was identified that I needed further laser treatment.

QEII eye department is being transferred to Lister, don't ask me why, but eventually I got an appointment on 16th December, but I'm in Scotland, so cancelled but what a hassle getting a new appointment and reading the local press I wasn't alone in being dissatisfied with this new "facility". 26th January was my new appointment, but on 25th it was cancelled as the surgeon was on compassionate leave - okay, fair enough.

The number of phone calls I made explaining the dates I was available, explaining I was flying to Norway on 9th March so dependent on recovery may be unavailable for even more dates. Never once did I get a response on the recovery, but always a promise that they'd phone me back when they talked to a member of the surgical team - no one ever phoned back. I'd an appointment today 44 hours before I'm due to fly to Norway.

I'll continue with an extract from a letter of complaint written today:

.......Today, 7th March 2012, six months after my cataract operation I turned up for the laser op. The letter said go to 4th Floor, reception said go to 4th Floor - 4th Floor said you're having laser you need to go to outpatients. Okay!

Sitting in outpatients - if you're here for laser, sorry, but the surgeon's running late, but she's on the way. Okay!

My name was called, I had a basic eye test. The nurse asked if I'd ever been here before as she had no notes for me - she'd no idea what sort of laser surgery I required and when I asked what the recovery would be she couldn't answer for the same reason. However she did ask a consultant and he recognised me, having previously treated me at QEII, had a quick look at my eye and confirmed it was the laser to tidy up the cataract lens and although not ideal, recovery should be okay for my flight to Norway in two days time.

I had the appropriate drops put in the eye and waited. About an hour later I was called. Sorry we can't find your notes - so we can't do the operation.

I trust you can understand my frustration with what seems like utter clerical incompetence. I will be returning from Norway on Saturday 24th March and am therefore available for an operation from Sunday 25th March to .....................

................ All I ask is that an appointment is made in either of these two slots and that I, my notes and the surgeon can all be in the same place at the same time and then finally I'll be able to get a pair of glasses with which I can see properly.

Thank You

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