By blogOmatic


Got home from school, and headed straight back out again on the bike. It was the first opportunity to film whilst riding (the quick-release buckle arrived yesterday) so I couldnt resist. Annoyingly my gopro had been on in my bag for a while at school, unbeknownst to me, so it only had one bar of battery, enough to get me to Ascot racecourse and then cut out.
I'll attempt it again soon, and I plan to film my journey to work on saturday to pick up my uniform. I'll link to the video (which is only a section of the whole thing) when it has uploaded to youtube, my internet upload speed is pretty dismal, so its still got about 4 hours to go at this point.

This was taken from the video just as I came off a roundabout so I was powering along quite fast, hence the head down.

This is a very small segment of the video, due to many technological issues

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