Miedo Rabia Libertad

Today I was walking with my friend M. who came to Barcelona for a day from Boston. In the Raval we found this group of girls who invited us to watch a street show of protest in the context of women's day. Wanting to show him the neighborhood, we did not stay to see the show, but they repeated the show in University Square, where I took the today's picture .

The show consisted of a group of women dressed in black walking in the square to find its place in front of empty cardboard boxes.
They began with screaming unrelated phrases to finally get inside the boxes.
Once inside the boxes they changed their clothes (is the moment of picture) to came out as "liberated women from the yoke" ..... or something like that.

I think that unless the photographer of the photo, M. and I were the only men in the square.

Miedo, Rabia, Libertad (anger, fear, freedom) are the slogans other women wrote in the floor with some chalk they had.

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