Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog

Bart in the Sky

I committed the heinous blip sin of forgetting my camera when I left to work today, which meant I was restricted to whatever was around when I came home. Thankfully I didn't witness anything dramatic during the day, so I wasn't cursing my lack of camera, and there was a great cloudscape over the moor when I got home. The blip gods were with me.

Thumbing through Richard Hamblyn's The Cloud Book, I'll take a punt at this being Altocumulis stratiformis, but I'm sure the many cloud appreciation folk out there can put me right. Alternatively, there's a vague resemblance to Bart Simpson.

I have another odd day of leave tomorrow, so depending on weather and other committments, I may head off on the second leg of the Bradford Millennium Way, and then I hope to catch up with all your journals over the weekend.

beneath a veil
of broken cloud
dazzling sun

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