Garry Ure

By garryure

Edinburgh Police Box #9

So...that's 300 blips in the bag.

I honestly didn't think I'd have made it this far without missing a day. You see I have a definite attention problem and lose interest in things pretty quickly, so I do see this as a real achievement.

Sometimes it's been a real struggle to come up with a blip-worthy shot (as you'll see from some of the shots in my journal) and at times it is in danger of becoming a chore. But it has definitely got me taking more photos again and that's a good thing. I've got some treasured shots of the boys and our walls are slightly less bare than they were 300 days ago.

I also know that, as I've come this far, it's just a small jump to the full year.

Location: Leamington Terrace

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