Night Signs

I had a LONG day today - a briefing at 08:30, followed by a day of assessing, interviewing and networking, then dinner at 19:30 and I finally left at 22:30. It was exhausting but great fun, lovely to catch up with old freinds, and to make some new ones. It's funny to think that it's 3.5 years ago it was me that was a candidate at the Saltire Fellowship assessment session, working late into the evening (as I'm sure our candidates still are).

I came home this evening. It's a while since I've been on a night-time motorway journey, and I rather enjoyed listening to loud dance music on Radio 1 as I came home (MrsCyclops doesn't tolerate it well).

When I lived near Cambridge, I used to regularly drive up to Edinburgh on a Friday night (often with 77), arriving just in time for last orders... More random reminiscences.

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