EH7 4NW - Ghosting the PoliceBox

Today I was leaving my work half an hour before dusk. I was going in the little bit different way. When I was passing around the Broughton Primary School building, I met the old PoliceBox at crossroads beetween the McDonald Rd and Broughton Rd. There are two funny street art heads on the box. I took a few pictures when I was seeing by the patrol of Lothian and Borders Police. The gentlemen just only stopped near me and my camera and asked me "what are you doing here?". I told them that I was taking a pictures with my camera and showed them one picture. I was trying to describe them my technique too. The policemen just said : "cool" and went back on their patrol way around this neighbourhood probably. That´ s good and big respect to them ;-) I hope that all the policemen will have quiet night today in the city and that what I was wishing to the police patrol too.

So picture is from the meeting with PoliceBox at Broughton Rd. Enjoy.

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